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Why Your Brow Game Sets The Mood

Without stellar brows, we don’t see how you win at your makeup game. They’re the strongest feature of your face and deserve special attention.

They frame the face beautifully and quite literally define your mood. Try something: notice how your facial expression shifts as you arch one brow or crease both? That’s how big of a game-changer brows are.

Let’s check out how you can refine your brow game with our services of brow tinting, lamination, micro-blading, and brow tattoo in Long Island.

Accentuate the Eyes

Do you have blessed, beautiful eyes with a striking eye color that poets and songwriters go on and on about? Whether it be ash gray, hazel brown, or sea blue, your eyes light up your face.

They’re a story that can express itself with the slightest shift. But what if we said there was a secret way to make your eyes look even better? There is—and it involves your eyelashes. Just filing them in can define your eye area. If your eyes are the celebrity, the brows are the spokesperson. Without them, your eyes won’t look as attractive as they truly are.

Age Down For a Youthful Look

You don’t have to invest in expensive anti-aging creams that offer 50 ml or less of product for more money than you spend on weekly groceries.

Try changing and grooming the way your brows look, and there you are with a face that instantly looks five years younger. No need to get fillers or Botox; work on your brows, and you’re ready to join the 20s club!

With the right arch and lift, you can even make your eyes look larger and more inviting

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Balance the Face

We know fuller lips are considered more attractive. It’s the sensual, begging-to-be-kissed appeal that makes them such a winner!

If you have smaller eyes or a more prominent nose with sensuous lips, it can be off-putting. To balance the look, define your brows with tinting. Accentuate the width, arch, and shade of your brows to divide the attention with the lips. This ensures your face looks more photogenic and pretty without doing much!

So are you ready to transform your brows? Get in touch with us at 516-672-3751 or email for queries at before booking an appointment for brow tinting, tattoo, lamination, or microblading in Long Island.

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