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Want Your Skin To Glow? A JetPeel Facial Is The Answer

If you’ve been looking for a non-invasive facial treatment that will not only make your face glow, but will also make sure your face appears youthful, bright, and clear, a JetPeel Facial is perfect for you. During a JetPeel Facial, your skin is treated to a blend of serums that is customized to suit the needs of your skin.

The blend may contain water, nutrients, and anesthetic—a combination of which is used to treat the skin and start the healing process for any problem areas. If you’re thinking of getting a Jetpeel Facial, here’s everything you need to know about it.

JetPeel Vs. Microdermabrasion

JetPeel and microdermabrasion are both excellent treatment options if you’re looking to remove impurities from your skin. The two can also be used together for an intensified effect; however, there are a couple of key differences in how they’re administered.

Microdermabrasion makes use of fine crystals—coupled with suction—to exfoliate the skin, remove any blackheads, and get rid of any dead skin cells. On the other hand, JetPeel is much gentler and uses a combination of serums to treat the problem areas.

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How Long Does It Take To See Results After A JetPeel Facial?

JetPeel facials pose no downtime, and the results are prominent and visible from day one. However, the effect isn’t permanent, and you’ll need to get the treatment again soon to keep up the glow—especially if you’ve had it done for the first time.

This is why it is recommended to get the JetPeel Facial done regularly and frequently for the first couple of months to treat skin issues. You can space out the sessions as your skin starts improving.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of JetPeel Facial?

There are many benefits to this simple facial treatment. Some of these include having no downtime, being completely non-invasive and painless, customizable, and safe for all skin types and colors.

The treatment leaves your skin feeling hydrated, moisturized, clean. Apart from these obvious benefits, the treatment improves blood circulation, which helps bring out a glow-from-within, decreases the appearance of pores, and improves any fine lines and wrinkles that may be visible on your face.

The treatment is also great if you have a puffy or dark under-eye area and will instantly help you look fresher and more awake.

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