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Voluminous Eyelash Extensions for 3 Events

It’s the biggest misconception out there that dramatically long eyelashes or voluminous falsies are just for fancy occasions.

Don’t you want to wake up with beautiful lashes every day—most of us do. There’s no rulebook for lashes; they are free to seduce anyone with their charm whenever they like. And there’s no restriction regarding when it’s appropriate to have gorgeous eyelashes on!

However, generous amounts of mascara or falsies don’t look as neat or natural as eyelash extensions. These extensions give your eyelashes added length and volume, and effortlessly at that.

And if you really do need to know when eyelash extensions can really set you apart, here are three events you absolutely need them for.


This might come as a shock to you, but pretty people have a higher chance of getting a job. Watkins and Johnsons’ study, conducted in 2000, demonstrated how physically attractive people are perceived as more amiable, sociable, and competent.

So what defines physical appeal? As it turns out, your face trumps all else. Even people with conventionally unappealing bodies or hair get second glances because of captivating eyes. And eyelashes are hands-down the most eye-catching feature! They enhance your eyes, make them look longer and more prominent, and accentuate the look of your brows too.

When you walk into an interview, you want your voice to be confident, your arguments strong, and your eyes conveying powerful body language. They can make you look compassionate, considerate, and commanding all at once, all thanks to the right eyelash extensions.


This goes without saying: be it dinner parties, New Year’s celebrations, or dates, you need to look your absolute best. However, looking stunning doesn’t come easy to everyone. Some people have features that look more enhanced and exquisite with makeup. But loading on a bulk of products on your face takes time, effort, and skill.

Luckily, you don’t need to hold your breath while you hold your lashes between the eyelash curler or struggle to stick falsies in place. Get our eyelash extensions for a long-term transformation that saves you a lot of mascara, makeup disasters, and time.

A brown eye with lashes.

Coming-Out Season

Adolescence is one of the most exciting periods of your life. Your body is transforming and acquiring womanly contours, you’re maturing, and you see everything from a fresh perspective. Things that seemed ‘grown-up’ at one point will seem like they’re now for you, because you’re on the brink of adulthood. And the coming-out season celebrates this transition into adulthood.

If you’re going to make your debut in the social world soon, you need to look your best for it. Eyelash extensions are the perfect addition to your beauty routine! Get beautiful lashes that last the entire season (and even longer!)

Are you waiting for the right occasion? It’s today!  

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