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Staying Camera-Ready on Vacation—A Guide

We could all use a vacation after the kind of rollercoaster ride this year has been!

But it seems like travel plans might be pushed ahead this summer, with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis that has blindsided all of us. However, the silver lining is that this gives you plenty of time to work on your summer body and beauty goals, so you look picture perfect all through your trip.

Whether you’re heading off to an island paradise, or strutting through the streets of Paris, or even taking a staycation in your own state, it’s crucial to be camera-ready at all times.

But that can be stressful—and who wants to spend hours perfecting your makeup each day, when you’d rather be exploring the town or off on some adventure that will wash it all off anyway?

This is why we recommend some of the following cosmetic treatments to speed up your beauty routine and have you looking your best at any moment:

Build a skincare routine

This is crucial to nail before any vacation or basically anything in life!

You should be looking after your skin’s hydration, texture, protection through SPF and other active ingredients, and figure out the essentials that you’ll follow on vacation too.

Pick the right outfits

Be sure it’s something you’re comfortable in and something that appeals to you. Don’t force yourself to wear something just because it’ll look cute; your comfort is the primary factor! If you feel good in what you wear, you’ll enjoy being photographed too!

Whether you like dresses or you’re more at ease in jeans, stay true to yourself—and the place you’re headed.

woman on bridge in the right outfitPractice your hair and makeup routine  

Your makeup routine doesn’t need to be elaborate! Do what you like, whether that’s dabbing on some lipstick and tinter moisturizer and heading out the door, or wearing winged eyeliner and curling your hair.

Be mindful, however, that when you’re on vacation, you can’t carry all your palettes and tons of makeup or even have enough time to use it each day. It’s about practicing a quick and easy look that saves you time!

Brow treatments

Given the lack of time on vacation, what you can do, however, is to get brow treatments that will make your routine faster and easier. We offer various treatments such as eyebrow lamination, brow tinting, and brow microblading, which will last you a few weeks between sessions.

eyelash extensions done by professional

This gives plenty of time to come to the salon, walk out with perfect brows, and save time while you’re on your trip! You can focus on other aspects of your look in all the time saved!

Lash extensions

Eyelash extensions are also heaven-sent alternatives! Treat yourself to the most luxurious individual mink eyelash extensions at our salon if you’re from Long Island or Nassau County and make your vacation a breeze! No elaborate makeup routine, various coats of mascara to irritate your eyes, or extensive makeup removal rituals after a long day of exploring.

eyelash extensions
Gorgeous, sun-kissed selfies with the most beautiful lashes and brows—what more could you want? Schedule your appointment with us right before your vacation and get the easiest, breeziest look ever!

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