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Reasons to Get Dermaplaning In 2021

Dermaplaning is a skin treatment that’s used to remove thin, fine hair on your face gently. It also skims dead cells on the skin. The procedure is now one of the world’s most famous cosmetic treatments—and for good reason. Dermaplaning can deliver rapid results without the need for long-term recovery.

Below are the top six reasons to get dermaplaning:

1. Immediate results:

Dermaplaning shows instant results. Your skin will feel brighter almost instantly, and you will experience better cell regeneration, fewer wrinkles and black spots, reduced acne scarring, and good facial hair reduction in the long run.

2. Enhances makeup:

Your cosmetics and skincare items will flow over your skin even after dermaplaning, because there is no longer a top layer of dead skin to prevent chemicals from entering. 

When you wear makeup, you won’t have blotches and uneven spots anymore either.

3. Cleaner pores:

Dermaplaning will decrease the pores’ size. This treatment deep cleans the face, extracting oils and dead skin cells from the pores. After your pores have been cleaned, they will look smaller on your skin. This leads to a more youthful appearance as pore size is directly linked to age.

4. Smooth skin:

Dermaplaning is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. You can benefit significantly from this procedure if you have rough or dry-looking skin. The face will undergo soft exfoliation as the top layer of dead skin is removed, producing a healthier complexion.

You might experience post-procedural redness for a few hours, this is entirely normal. But the effects are worthwhile when you wake up the next morning and your skin is radiant.

5. Facial hair removal:

Nearly every woman needs to get rid of facial hair, and dermaplaning does precisely that. Dermaplaning extracts facial hair with an advanced scalpel, unlike a basic shave. Usually, the blade is much more refined than those used otherwise, so this procedure’s effects are more visible.

6. Evens the skin tone and reduces the hyperpigmentation:

Dermaplaning will eliminate hyperpigmentation and balance out your skin tone. It also helps lighten pigmented spots; this is because hair and dead skin don’t irritate your skin anymore, so your skin can look clearer.

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