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Microblading FAQs—All The Most Asked Questions

If you’re a devout follower of the latest celebrity trends and fashion updates, you know that microblading is a treatment for your eyebrows that’s aimed at making them appear fuller, thicker, and more prominent.

The treatment involves a feather-stroke technique that gives off the illusion of more hair in your brows while also keeping it natural. Microblading produces gentle results compared to other brow enhancing treatments, which explains its growing popularity.

If you’ve been thinking of getting your eyebrow microblading, here are some of the most commonly asked questions answered.

How Long Does A Session Last?

Depending on your brows’ natural volume and texture, the sessions may take anywhere from one to two hours. Experts make sure to keep consulting their clients during the appointment to make sure the result is exactly what they were looking for, and this is partly why it takes so much time.

In addition to the constant consultation, aestheticians also like to take their time drawing out the shape of the desired brows to serve as a guide and reduce any margin for mistakes.

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Are Any Follow-Up Appointments Needed?

Generally, a touch-up appointment is required to make sure that any missed out spaces are filled in. However, this appointment is generally scheduled after at least four weeks of getting the treatment done.

This is the time the brows need to heal and actually show results. If anything needs to be touched up or re-done, this time-frame will bring it to surface.

How Long Does The Treatment Last?

Microblading is considered to be a semi-permanent treatment option which lasts a long time, but it does eventually fade and requires regular touch-ups.

These touch-ups are typically required once a year, depending on the skin type, color, and texture of your natural brow hair. Some skin types, like oily skin, makes the treatment fade faster.

There are other factors like sun exposure, light pigment color, or chemical usage in skincare products that can contribute to it fading faster.

Does It Hurt?

Aestheticians make sure to apply a topical anesthetic to numb the area before pulling the blades out and make sure that the session is as comfortable as possible.

Brows are also treated to a liquid anesthetic during the treatment to reduce any discomfort, which ensures a pain-free experience.

If you’re looking for a salon for brow microblading in Long Island or Nassau County to get your brows microbladed, we’ll be more than happy to have you over. Contact us for further details.

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