Lash Lifting / Lash Tinting


 Give Your Eyes a Whole New Look With Our Lash Tinting and Lifting Services

Are you absolutely obsessed with thicker and fuller looking lashes? While curling huge amounts of mascara may give you temporary fullness, nothing compares to a pair of natural-looking, full, and luscious lashes. Whether you wear contact lenses to make your eyes pop against your make-up, or use a kohl liner in your water line abundantly, you have to agree with one thing: no make-up trick stands up to sensual and full lashes.
If you have straight, light-colored lashes, you might be able to get away with temporary, stick-on ones, but generally, these require more maintenance than most of us are ready to commit to. If you really want to make your life easier, here are two lash trends that will change your eye make-up game—whether we’re talking about glam, or no-makeup, or even truly barely: lash lifting and lash tinting.
Here’s what you need to know about them, and why you need to get them.

Lash Lifting

If you were born with lashes as straight as a pin and you’re sick and tired of trying to coax them into a dramatic, sensual curl, this treatment is a god-sent for you. Essentially a perm for your eyelashes, it will give you the true doll-eyed look that we’re sure you’ve been craving!

It will curl your lash hair from the root to the tip, working with your existing length to give you that gorgeous, full effect, making the entire length visible—even when you’re wearing specs!

A lash lift treatment at Brow & Lash Boutique begins with a consultation where the aesthetician will talk to you about the kind of look you want and what is realistic for you. The consultation is followed by the lash lift procedure, which lasts 45–60 minutes, and the results last from four to six weeks!
Imagine six whole weeks of no fake lashes!

Lash Tinting

This procedure is very similar to brow tinting—only, it involves lashes. This procedure is perfect for you if you are naturally gifted with some sweet, light-colored lashes, and you want to make your eyes a little bit more prominent.

This works even better if your hair is dyed a darker shade and will help the whole look feel more consistent and natural. At Brow & Lash Boutique, the lash tinting procedure is administered by a certified aesthetician who is trained in the procedure and will make sure to use the safest products around the sensitive eye area.

The process takes around 10 minutes and lasts up to three weeks, depending on how often you wash your face and what products you use. You will be guided about after-care and precautions by our technician when you receive your treatment.