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How Do Skin Tightening Treatments Work?

The skin begins to sag once its elasticity starts to wane. Skin tightening techniques help tighten the skin using collagen under certain conditions. Let’s learn more about how they work:

1. Ultrasound:

Ultrasound can be used to heat deep tissues in the skin and tighten them. These portable devices use sound waves to raise collagen reserves under the tissue layer, toughening the skin.

Tiny thermal pulses activate the skin’s deeply elastic reinforcement layers without affecting the surface of the skin. This might not work for everyone, though; for the best results, you will need more than one treatment.

2. Radiofrequency:

Thermalift applies controlled radio waves to the part of your skin that you would like to tighten. The operation is performed with topical or no anesthesia, and no healing time is required. 

Thermage requires one session, but most forms of radiofrequency therapy typically involve several sessions for the best results. The effects are visible straightaway, whether you have one treatment or many, and usually take up to four months.

3. Microcurrent skin tightening:

Microcurrent skin tightening is a non-invasive procedure that “trains” your facial muscles by utilizing a low-voltage electric current equal to the body’s normal electrical currents. In facial cosmetic applications, microcurrent devices are used to activate collagen and improve the texture of the skin. Microcurrent skin tightening can tighten and smooth the muscles in the face and it also lessens the wrinkles, mainly in the forehead area. Clients have been trusting microcurrent for decades because it’s a reliable, effective, and safe option.

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Skin tightening and anti-aging skincare treatments will undoubtedly continue to grow and improve. A decade ago, we couldn’t even have imagined where we would be today! Discuss your skin health with Nassau County’s best skin boutique—including the benefits, risks, and costs, to know what works best for you.

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