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Brows on Fleek: Choosing the Right Brow Shape for Your Face

We’re all about the brows now!
Long gone are the days of overplucked, thin brows that look like a thin line running across your brow bone. It’s hot to have thick, luscious brows that sit beautifully on your face.

What about shapes, though?

Brows play a major part in framing your entire face and your overall look, which is why it comes as no surprise that so many trends have emerged in the past few years. This truly has been the decade of the brow, with each new year bringing some crazy tip or style that teaches us to appreciate these wispy hairs on our face.
From Instagram brows to caterpillar brows to natural and unruly, there is a variety of popular makeup and grooming trends. But for daily wear, shaping and filling your brows and treatments like microblading are ideal.

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Brow shapes make all the difference in the world! All of us have different, naturally occurring shapes, but thankfully we can modify them based on facial structure and shape, thickness, and texture.
For the best brow tinting and shaping in Long Island, drop by our salon and work with our experts to find the right shape for your face. Some of the options include:

Long, soft curves and arches for rounder shapes

Round on round is never a good combination, which is why you should opt for softer curves. Some height at the arch, length at the tail and tamed looking brows are perfect for round faces, adding some variation and shape to the structure.

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Soft, thick brows for oval faces

Oval faces are slightly similar to round faces, but they tend to be longer, with more forehead space. This means you can play with width and depth, enjoying the bushy brow trend to the fullest.
Grow out your brows and have them shaped by our professionals and get a gorgeous brow lamination for those perfectly symmetrical, edgy brows.

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Rounded brows for heart-shaped faces

Heart-shaped faces aren’t as angular as their sharper diamond-shaped counterparts, but the general shape allows them to taper down with narrower foreheads. With a certain angularity to their shape, these face shapes do well with rounded brows. Soft arches and thicker shapes work especially well.

Flatter brows for diamond and long faces

These face shapes have length and sharp structures that are gorgeous but might require a little softening. Flat brows work especially well for them, allowing you to play with density and thickness too. It’s easier to shape brows for these, and treatments like brow tinting can go a long way to give you that fabulous density that is so widely sought out.

Don’t compromise when it comes to your brows. Treat them as you would any other part of your beauty regimen—in fact, pay more attention to them!
Whether we talk about mink or synthetic eyelash extensions, brow lamination, brow tinting or brow microblading, nobody knows or does brows like us in Nassau County or Long Island. Get in touch with us today!

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