Brows On Fleek—A 3 Step Guide To Snatched Brows

You’re getting ready for a big party, and you want to make sure you look your best. We feel you girl! And one of the most important parts of making sure that all eyes are on you the entire evening is the makeup you go for!
And when it comes to makeup, it’s all in the brows. Since the eyes are the most attention-grabbing feature on our face, the brows can make or break an entire look.
The perfect brows need to be proportionate with other facial features, complement the rest of your makeup, while being subtle enough to not overpower the entire look and take attention away from the eyes.
Intimidated? Don’t be! Here’s a fool-proof guide that will help you create the most flawless brow look.

Step 1: Prep And Outline Your Brow

First things first: you want to make sure your brows really frame your face. To do this, take a ruler, or anything straight, and place it in a way that extends your lower lash-line upwards, toward your hairline. At this point you need to be really careful about the angle, as this will define the exact length of your brows.
Then, take a nude eyeliner and make a subtle marking at the area where your brow bone meets the ruler. If this isn’t the natural length of your brows, you’ll need to draw it out before going forward.

perfect brow shape and outline

Step 2: Fill The Lines In

Once you have the length of your brows down, all you need to do is accentuate the natural shape of your eyebrows and fill them in with a liner that matches the natural color of your brows.
If you want a really prominent look, move up a shade, but be careful not to go so dark that it starts to look unnatural. Once you have all your brows filled in, let’s bring those highlighters out!

Step 3: Make It All Pop With A little Bit Of Highlighter

At this point your brow look is complete. All this step will do is add an extra pop and bring the whole look together.
Take your favorite highlighter and dust it lightly over the visible area of your browbone. This will make it look a lot more prominent and hence, create an illusion of depth and elegance.
If you’re creating this look for a day or formal event, you can also replace the highlighter with lighter concealer that will produce the same effect—minus the glow.
Think this is all a little too much to do every time you need to attend a glamorous event? Getting your eyebrows professionally tinted or microbladed can save you from the effort!

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