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Brow Tinting For Bold Arches: Who Needs Them

Your brows make a statement about your personality, beauty, and character. Even the most doe-eyed faces can look fiercely seductive with the right brow tint and arch. All you need to do is let a cosmetician work their magic on your brows with brow tinting or brow lamination.

They’re Not Too Thick

Do you ever look at Emilia Clarke and Cara Delevigne and wish you, too, had thicker brows? Their bold and beautiful vibe isn’t due to the characters they play as much as it is because of their amazing brows.

Thicker brows are perfect for when you want to go for a bold, dramatic look. They can give a subdued aesthetic appeal if you keep the tinting light and a strong look if you keep your brows dark.

If you’re not blessed with naturally dense brows, you can always work your way around it. Brow tinting allows you to get the brows of your dreams in no time!

They’re Blonde and Sparse

There are several shades of blonde that have reigned in the hair industry over the years. Whether it be ash blond or strawberry blond, blond hair will always be the most supreme of all hair colors. But blond brows? Maybe not.

Blond brows hardly show on your face and don’t give it the definition it deserves. If they’re sparse, that’s just added misery. But we’re here to save you from your blonde brow woes. Brow tinting and microblading gives you naturally thicker brows with a darker shade.

Your face looks ten times younger and softer with thicker brows because it gives your beauty a raw edge.

a woman with blond hair and bold eyes.

The Eyes Are Too Big For Your Face

We know big eyes are all the rage. Look at Zooey Deschanel and tell us that those beautiful blue eyes don’t contain oceans. Or open any picture of Amanda Seyfried and see if those big, gorgeous eyes don’t keep you captivated. The force of their beauty lies in their eyes!

But sometimes, big eyes are not the be-all-end-all of facial beauty. You want big eyes but not bulging ones that dominate the face. Every feature should spark some interest in your aesthetic palate.

So if you feel like your face lacks something different, look above and beyond the eyes (literally). The brows can be that transformative change. The most beautiful eyes need a strong frame, and your brows will be just that, trust us.

So are you ready to work magic on your brows? Get in touch with us at 516-672-3751 or email for queries at before booking an appointment for brow tattoo, lamination, or brow tinting in Long Island.

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