Brow Tattoo


Want To Wake Up To Red-Carpet Ready Brows Every Single Day? Brow Tattoos Might Be The Answer

Just a few years ago, if we wanted to join in on a celebrity beauty secret, we’d have to endure the long and painful wait until a magazine interview spilled the tea on it. Now we have celebrity accounts that we can follow where they SnapChat their entire procedures. From Bella Thorne’s microblading, to Kim K’s vampire facials, we’ve got it all and we’ve got it easy.
One of the latest and hottest trends to pop into the scene is the brow tattoo trend. You no longer need to hold your breath every day for two minutes while you shape your brows. Now, you can just get the exact shade tattooed and last a very long time.

Brow Tattooing – And How It’s Done

Just like normal tattoos, brow tattoos are a technique that deposits ink into the skin layer, giving the illusion of fullness and defining the shape. To start the process, your eyebrows will be cleaned and prepped. Next, our specialist will use special tools to measure and outline the perfect brow shape suited for your face.

Finally, the brows will be tattooed and voila—you can wake up every day to perfect brows! Even though brow tattoos are the best way to cut down on your make up time by having your brows ready-to-go at all times, there are certain things you need to keep in mind if you’re considering going ahead with the process.

One of these things are; when you first get your brows tattoos, the color will be intense. You may feel overwhelmed by the richness, but it’s important to remember that this is perfectly normal. Brow tattoos usually take a couple days to ‘self-heal’ and fade into the perfect shade.

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