Surgical scale blade used for Dermaplaning.

Benefits Of Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is a quick and effective treatment that requires no down time. It’s just what you need for smooth and glowing skin. Dermaplaning is perfect to get done before special events or as part of your regular beauty maintenance too.

Here’s everything to know about Dermaplaning:

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is the use of a medical-grade surgical blade against the skin at a 45 degree angle. The blade is used in small strokes to remove dead skin, debris, unwanted facial hair, and peach fuzz from the epidermis.

A single Dermaplaning session can remove 2 to 3 weeks of dead skin cells and debris. Make sure you have Dermaplaning done by a certified and experienced professional to prevent cuts and infection.

One common misconception about Dermaplaning is that it’s like shaving and will cause hair to grow back thick and coarse. While the technique looks similar to shaving, the sharp blade used to remove peach fuzz ensures the hair grows back the same size and color.

What are the benefits of Dermaplaning?

Enhanced skin cell renewal

Dermaplaning triggers cell regeneration. The skin’s turnover rate improves, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin will begin to look more youthful and plump as a result of Dermaplaning.

Removal of dead skin cells

Dead skin cells can make your skin appear dull. Exfoliation is important to remove dead skin cells to reveal your glowing complexion. Dermaplaning provides instant results since it can remove multiple weeks’ worth of dead skin cells in one sitting.

The results of Dermaplaning.

Smoother makeup application

For the best makeup application you need clean skin that’s free of facial hair, peach fuzz, and dead skin. Since Dermaplaning exfoliates the skin, it allows for even and smooth makeup application. Makeup settles into the skin better after Dermaplaning, giving a more natural finish.

Better penetration of skincare

Skincare products need to penetrate into the skin to provide the desired results. Facial hair, peach fuzz, dead skin, impurities, and debris can all hinder the penetration of skincare products into the skin. Having Dermaplaning done regularly ensures all such hindrances are removed from the skin. Product is absorbed better and you can achieve better results from your skincare.

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