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Welcome to Brow & Lash Boutique! South Florida’s Finest Beauty Bar! A glamorous, chic, exclusive atmosphere, located in Delray Beach, FL. Open by appointment only! Expect to be pampered with one of our luxurious services! We offer a variety of Brow, Lash and Skincare treatments.
We create the most natural looking, realistic hair strokes in eyebrow semi-permanent makeup with the use of manual microstroking, microblading (also known as the hairstroke technique). It allows us to create fine, crisp hair stokes that fill in thin brows with sparseness or total brow reconstruction for clients who suffer from alopecia. Wake up with beautiful eyebrows every day without having to use your makeup pencil or deal with smudging brows! If you are looking to enhance your brow shape with a more temporary look, try our HD Brow tinting, which is a bespoke brow treatment
totally tailored to you with one of our high definition brow tint
shades. It is a procedure that tames unruly hairs with a softening serum by manipulating the hairs so they are all moving in the same direction post-treatment.
The outcome is an appearance as if you’re eyebrows were freshly combed. Think of it as a permanent keratin treatment for your eyebrows.
Looking for a treatment to curl and lift your natural eyelashes? Try our keratin lash lift and tinting treatment.
Our individual eyelash extensions are crafted from a faux mink fiber. They are applied professionally with a medical grade, formaldehyde free adhesive to one eyelash at a time by one of our skilled lash technicians to enhance your natural lashes.