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A Complete Guide to Eyebrow Lamination

Eyebrow lamination is the newest trend in the world of eyebrow aesthetics, thanks to Instagram influencers and their thick, bushy eyebrows. This trend is great for those with unruly and flat eyebrows and would like their eyebrows to look fuller. But there are some things you need to keep in mind before you jump on the bandwagon of Instagram’s newest trend. Read our complete guide on eyebrow lamination to find out.

What’s Eyebrow Lamination?

In simple terms, eyebrow lamination is the process of getting your eyebrows to look fluffier and bushier. If you have flatter eyebrows with hair that grows in weird directions, a brow lamination can give your eyebrows a new life. This procedure is also called a brow perm and involves applying a cream to your brows after thoroughly cleaning them. This cream has enzymes that break down the protein bond in your brow hair, making them easier to shape. Next, your brows are brushed in an upward position to achieve a fluffy look. Lastly, another cream is applied after shaping, which reforms the broken protein bonds that keep your hair in place.

What are the Benefits and Who Can Get It?

Woman with flat and unruly eyebrows

The biggest benefit of this procedure is that it can last for about six weeks which is a lot longer than other procedures. Another thing is that brow lamination can permanently change the direction of your hair growth over time, giving you naturally fuller-looking eyebrows. If your eyebrow hair grows in undesirable directions or they simply don’t keep their shape and fall flat, then you should opt for lamination. Additionally, you can even get brow lamination after eyebrow tinting if you suffer from thin hair with empty patches.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

While this procedure is generally harmless can be done in one sitting, you might be allergic to some of the ingredients in the creams. That’s why you should always get a patch test first before going for the actual appointment. Another thing is that if you’re pairing your lamination treatments with microblading or brow tinting, then you might end up permanently damaging your brows, so make sure you consult a professional first. Last but not least, this look might not be for you.

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