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5 Reasons Why You Need Voluminous Eyelash Extensions

The beauty industry is rapidly growing; products are flying off the shelves, social media is filled with fascinating looks, and makeup has become a global frenzy.

With the introduction of long, alluring, and voluminous synthetic lash extensions, people are willing to invest in a service that gives them more utility, a natural look, and most importantly, tons of compliments!

Not only are lash extensions gorgeous to look at, but can be extremely advantageous. Take a look:

1. They Eliminate the Need for Mascara

Let’s face it; mascara isn’t the easiest product to wipe off. Whether it’s light or heavy-duty, mascara needs an oil-based cleanser to wipe off. However, the problem with oil-based cleansers is that if you leave them on the face for too long, they can clog pores, leading to blackheads or even acne.

Wearing eyelash extensions keeps your eyes and lashes clear of the product build-up. Plus, you wouldn’t have to invest in a new mascara every time it finishes or dries up.

2. They Help Save Time

Eye makeup usually takes up most of the time; it can take hours getting the glam on-point—and then comes the winged eyeliner struggle.

With lash extensions, you always look ready for any occasion. Even if you’re going for a mono-tone eyeshadow look, your lashes will add extra drama to your look!

3. They Protect Your Natural Lashes

Harsh eye rubs and heavy makeup can break the lashes and prevent them from growing out. The plus side to wearing lash extensions is that they’re light-weight and allow your natural lashes to breathe and grow.

4. They Boost Confidence and Better Appearance

Having healthy lashes gives you a youthful appearance and enhances your eyes. Not only do lash extensions attract others’ attention, but they also help boost your confidence levels. Even if you’re having a bad hair day or aren’t completely satisfied with your outfit, you know one thing that’ll always be on point: your lashes.

5. They Allow You to Pick Your Style

The best part about lash extensions is that you get to choose the way you want your lashes to be! You get to choose the length, color, and curl that suits your face, so you no longer have to worry about curling, tinting, or perming them!

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Waiting For the Right Time? It’s Now!

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