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3 Benefits of Getting A Jet Peel Facial for Dry Skin

Dry skin is a problem that a lot of us struggle with. From peeling skin to high sensitivity, even if you have weather-driven dry skin, you know the struggle. While most of us turn to skincare and other home remedies to treat dry skin issues, these don’t work nearly as well as a jet peel facial.

A Jet Peel facial is a non-invasive treatment that delivers a customized blend of ultra-nourishing serums deep down to the innermost layers of your skin—hydrating and healing it from within.

If you’re experiencing excessive dryness, here are three reasons why you should give Jet Peel facial a shot.

Fast Results With Next To No Downtime

Most skin treatments take a couple of sessions and some time to show their full effect. However, a Jet Peel facial shoots its customized concoction of serums directly into the skin layers for quicker absorption, meaning there’s absolutely no downtime. You get a naturally glowy effect soon after.

Completely Customizable

Dry skin usually comes with many other skin concerns; for example, redness, patchiness, and puffy, where the water is being retained to cater to the skin’s needs. The best thing about a Jet Peel facial is that it is completely customizable, and since it contains a blend of serums, instead of just one, you can target multiple skin concerns.

If you ever wished for a true-in-one facial treatment, a jet peel facial could very well be your answer from modern science!

Intensely Hydrating

Since all the serums are shot directing into the layers of your skin using specialized equipment, a Jet Peel facial is intensely hydrating. If you really want to bring out your inner glow, this is just the treatment for you!

You can also work on other areas like brightening, healing any dark spots, getting rid of under-eye circles, and reducing rosacea by adding serums containing Vitamin C and Vitamin B, among other skin-friendly chemicals.  

If you’re looking for a reliable salon to treat yourself to a Jet Peel facial in Long Island, go ahead and book an appointment with us today! Our experts make sure to analyze your skin, talk to you about your specific concerns, and make sure to target all the right problem areas. Get your glam on by booking an appointment with us for skincare consulting in Long Island and Nassau County today.

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